CBVR - Vacation Information Update

CANNON BEACH AND ARCH CAPE ARE OPEN for vacation rental guests!  

We are ready to welcome you to a safe and healthy environment!  And we will continue to keep you apprised of changes that may affect your travel plans as they occur.

Safety and Sanitation
Guest and employee safety, as well as the safety of our small community, are our chief priorities.  To that end, we have implemented a more rigorous set of cleaning protocols, based on CDC recommendations for cleaning homes, and based on our own standards of cleaning excellence.
  • All of our properties will be disinfected using environmentally-safe disinfectants, approximately one hour before CBVR's Field Team members enter the home to clean.  All cleaning products we use exist on the EPA-approved cleaning list found on the CDC's website.
  • All of CBVR's Field Team members will be masked and gloved at all times while cleaning all properties.
  • As is standard CBVR protocol already, our Field Team will remove all linens, where they are transported to our commercial laundry facility for cleaning and disinfecting, and where newly cleaned and disinfected linens are ready for future use.  All property surfaces, hard and soft, will be washed before once again being disinfecting, as part of our team's course of cleaning.  
  • Upon completion of a house cleaning, a CBVR cleaning inspector will once again disinfect all hard surfaces as they perform the duties of their final check for a home's guest-readiness.

During your Stay - Groceries and other needs

We want to make you aware of a service provided by our friends at Fresh Foods grocery store in Cannon Beach.  They are taking orders for both pick up and delivery of groceries.  Click the following link for full information, and request additional info using their email address below.

Web address:  Fresh Foods
Fresh Foods Email:  [email protected].


Fresh Foods can fulfill same-day grocery orders (they deliver between 1-6pm if the order is placed by noon that same day).  And orders can be picked up at the grocery store, located in the Tolovana area of Cannon Beach, as well. 

In some instances, CBVR can also assist in picking up your grocery order in advance of your stay, so feel free to ask us how we can help! 

Restaurants and Retail Shops

The link below represents a robust inventory of restaurants (on page 1) and retail shops (on page 2) in Cannon Beach, and their current procedures:

Cannon Beach Chamber - List of Restaurants & Retail Shops

Face Coverings
CBVR is requesting that all our guests wear face coverings when in public.  Be sure to observe and respect the requests of retail establishments and restaurants in town (there will be signage on windowfronts and doorfronts), and honor social distancing as best you can.  Bear in mind that many shops and restaurants in Cannon Beach may require a face covering to enter their establishment. 

CBVR is thrilled to welcome you to Cannon Beach, and we hope this information is of use to you as we strive to keep our beloved guests and our beautiful community safe during this unusual circumstance.