Haystack Holidays Celebrates the Season! 

Haystack Holidqay

Cannon Beach is famous for its Haystack Rock, a 235’ monolith that dominates the beach vistas and identifies this special Oregon coast town. The big rock inspires the Haystack Holidays celebrations that are a signature winter event in Cannon Beach. Caroling, concerts, contests… There’s a host of unique activities and merriment galore at the beach. 

Small-town Holiday Charm to Spare 

At its heart, Cannon Beach is a coastal village, and a charming, small-town holiday season is just what we do here! Haystack Holidays is the collective name for the winter holiday activities that include visitors and locals alike starting in November. Galleries, boutiques and unique shops invite you in out of the drizzle, decked in evergreens, fairy lights and ribbons, with gift shopping, concerts, community events and more.  

We Celebrate ALL the Winter Holidays 

While Christmas may get most of the attention in December, there are so many holidays to celebrate that you’re sure to find a new tradition to add to your own. Diwali, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Christmas, Kwanzaa or the New Year, all holidays are recognized here, pushing back the darkness and celebrating with our family and friends. Cannon Beach’s Haystack Holidays are a fresh way to celebrate your holiday season, at the beach! 

Cannon Beach is a Winter Vacation Secret 

As unusual as the past few years have been, vacation schedules have been jumbled up! Many people think of vacation as a summer activity, but a winter vacation is just what’s needed to break up the calendar and refresh your spirit. The Winter Holidays are a perfect time to vacation with your family, out of the usual routine; reconnect and spend time together! Beach hikes, local dining, dazzling sunsets… It doesn’t have to be 80 degrees to be a vacation!  

Take a Winter Vacation in the “Magic Season” 

Already known as an artists community for its world-class galleries and workshops, Cannon Beach is special in many ways. One of them is a restriction on neon lighting and another keeps shopping mall chain stores at bay, so you’ll always find unique, often singular, gifts and works of art to memorialize your stay in Cannon Beach and the peace and tranquility you find here. When the days are short, we turn indoors for our fun so there’s a busy live music schedule, classes, lectures and theatre to add to your CB activities. 

Holiday Events for 6 Festive Weeks 

Caroling, crafting and cookies lead the list of events in Cannon Beach that are open for all visitors and townsfolk; Haystack Holidays has a full calendar of holiday events to enhance your winter visit. The season kicks off with WOW, a special pre holiday getaway event designed to pamper and center you before things get too busy. Mimosa Madness is a shopping weekend after Thanksgiving filled with deals, drinks and warm feels all the way through Giving Tuesday.  The calendar is also full with theater, wreath making, a cookie contest and Santa story time and visits. The traditional lamp lighting ceremony is a community caroling day, with the Library’s Holiday Tea as a warmup. Painting classes and special concerts fill up the event schedule and the final week of the year is reserved for Holiday Foods Around the World, when Cannon Beach restaurants highlight different cultures in addition to their regular menus.  

Your Own Beach Vacation House 

Of course, the best way to enjoy the Haystack Holidays in Cannon Beach is from your own cozy beach vacation house! We have a wide variety to suit your group, from a house for 12 to a cottage for two; does an oceanfront house charm you more? We have a wonderful selection and aim to make our vacation house your home! 

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