Storm Watching Season on the Oregon Coast

The storm watching season is a thrilling time on the Oregon Coast. While storms typically deter travelers from a destination, the storms on the Oregon Coast are a big attraction and bring in many visitors to the area during the fall and winter. The combination of powerful winds and the raging waters of the Pacific create a fascinating sight that you need to experience yourself.  

While some choose to stay dry in their Oregon Coast rental and watch the storm from a cozy spot, others don’t seem to mind getting a little wet and experiencing this exciting event from a safe spot outside. We’re answering frequently asked questions about the Oregon Coast storm watching season on today’s post. 

When is the storm watching season on the Oregon Coast? 

Fall and winter is the best time to catch a glimpse of the raging waves of the Pacific. The season begins in November and goes through March so pack your bags and plan for a visit to Cannon Beach during our off-season! King Tides, the highest of the year, come in November, December and January. 

What do I need to pack?  

Having the right gear for storm season is important! Clothing wise, make sure to pack a rain jacket, rain boots, and umbrella to keep you nice and dry during your Cannon Beach visit. Don’t forget to pack layers. The fall and winter season are chillier than the spring and summer months, so having leggings, pants, beanies, gloves and a windbreaker is not a bad idea.  

If you’re intending on taking photographs of the outdoors, bring your camera. There will be plenty of opportunities to shoot the beautiful town of Cannon Beach and the surrounding beaches and headlands. 

Where is the best spot to watch the storms on the Oregon Coast? 

Cannon Beach 

Enjoy being steps away from the action when you stay in one of CBVR’s Cannon Beach vacation rentals. Cannon Beach is a very popular summer destination but it’s best experienced in the off-season months when the crowds of summer clear and you and your family can enjoy a quieter beach to yourselves.  

Ecola State Park  

Ecola State Park provides stunning views of the Pacific Coast on clear days, and even more exciting views during the storm season. If you don’t mind getting wet, hike the trail to Tillamook Head for amazing views of the rugged coastline. There’s a wide variety of trails at Ecola State Park and views forever, including ‘Terrible Tilly’, the retired Tillamook Lighthouse. 

Hug Point 

For a more secluded excursion, Hug Point is located just 5 miles south of Cannon Beach. Hug Point is not a destination that many people visit so this gives you the chance to marvel at nature in solitude. BE SURE to check the tide tables for a visit to Hug Point so you don’t get stuck by an incoming tide! 

How will I know a storm is coming? 

The high season for storm watching is November to March. Use online resources like Accuweather, the National Weather Service or local station KGW ( ) to track incoming storms.  


Please remember that your safety comes first! Mother Nature shows no mercy so please use your best judgment when venturing outside to storm watch. Here are some things to be mindful of when venturing out: 

  • Don’t go in the water 
  • Stay away from the shoreline. Sneaker waves are a real danger; stay back 100’ or more 
  • Stay away from large debris like logs; do not climb on them 
  • Stay off the jetties and exposed rocks 
  • Put yourself at a safe distance from all of the action 

Ready for an adventure on the Oregon Coast? 

For those who seek a little excitement on their vacations, visiting Cannon Beach during storm watching season is a great choice. Pack your raincoat, grab your camera and get ready for the thrill of a lifetime. Start your search for the perfect Cannon Beach vacation rental for your visit to the Oregon Coast during storm-watching season. 

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